Eastminster Presbyterian


Hearts, Hands, Heads for Christ in Service and Celebration

A short welcome message from our Pastor Emeritus, Dennis Davenport.


What’s a Presbyterian?
Presbyterian is really an adjective more than a noun.  In other words, we’re Presbyterian Christians and the emphasis is on “Christian.”  The word Presbyterian comes from a Greek word in the New Testament that means “elder.”  The New Testament church was governed, not by ministers or preachers, but by the laypeople.  That is a hallmark of the Presbyterian Church.  We are governed by the laypeople of the church and not ordained clergy.

To learn more go to the Presbyterian (U.S.A.) website

What do Presbyterians believe?
Basically, Presbyterians believe what those of all Christian denominations believe.  Our beliefs are found most succinctly in the two great creeds in the history of the Church – The Nicene Creed and The Apostles’ Creed.  To learn more about Presbyterians, go to www.pcusa.org

I’m from a different denominational background. 
Does that make a difference?

Not at all.  At Eastminster, we have members who come from a variety of backgrounds.  There are those from at least a dozen other Christian denominations as well as those who were raised Presbyterian and those who were raised with little or no faith background.  While we are thankful for our Presbyterian heritage, we believe that we are primarily followers of Jesus Christ and it is by that name that we are known.

Do you have childcare?
Yes.  We have a nursery for infants and toddlers.  We also have a Children’s Sermon at the 10:30 service and then children from age 4 to second grade are dismissed to their own Children’s Worship time.


What about Sunday School?
Sunday School classes are offered for all ages (Pre-K through adult) from 9:00 until 10:00. See more information about all Sunday School programs in the "Ministries" section of this web site.